Journal Articles
An Anti-Discrimination Law for Moldova
Article published in the middle of the very troubled debate surrounding the adoption of Law 121/2012 on Ensuring Equality.
Ubiquitous Medical Testing in Post-Soviet Society
Co-authored piece with Arcadie Astrahan on omnipresent medical testing pervading the socio-political space.
Ziarul de Garda:    Articles on Moldova Themes 2009-2015
I worked on human rights issues in the Republic of Moldova during the period 2009-2015.      During that time, the weekly journal Ziarul de Garda (  allowed me periodically to write on human rights themes, and also regularly covered our work.   The editors also very generously allowed me to publish a longer valedictory article there.     A sampling of the English-language originals of these articles appears here.    

The Meaning of the Irish Referendum

My effort to explain to a mystified Moldovan public why Ireland voted overwhelmingly to affirm marriage equality.
Leaving Moldova
Final thoughts, upon completing my mission in the country, August 2015.
Book Review: Cikánská rodina a příbuzenství. Lenka Budilová and Marek Jakoubek (eds.).
I wrote this book review for the Romani Studies about the at-that-time (2009 or thereabouts) latest dreadful product from the group of anthropologists around Marek Jakoubek at the University of Plzen.   He and his group have cornered the Czech coffee table book market on Roma, but it is mainly a series of highly charged racist opinions dressed-up in the language of social science.  Scroll down the file to page 172 -- it is the 2nd of two book reviews in the PDF.     
Book Review: Cikánská rodina a příbuzenství
A bunch of my favorite people:  Vzajeme Souziti and the Group of Women Harmed by Coercive Sterilization, Ostrava, circa 2006.
I was invited to contribute to a volume following up UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez's 2013 thematic report on Torture in the Health Sector.   I contributed this article on issues in Central and Eastern Europe (p.277), looking in particular at psychiatry and guardianship reform.    The article is available by clicking on the picture of the Pavlovca institution (left).   The whole volume is available by clicking on "button" below.     There are a number of other excellent contributions in the volume.   Particularly excellent is I think Oliver Lewis's article on the role of psychiatry in reform (p.247).
Pavlovca Institution, Ocnita Raion, Moldova, 2013:   mission by UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Magdalena Sepulveda.
Torture in Healthcare Settings:
Reflections on the Special Rapporteur on
Torture’s 2013 Thematic Report
Kosovo and the Persecution of Pariah Minorities
The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) sent me to Kosovo in the summer of 1999, where I and several other ERRC staff witnessed the destruction of the Kosovo Romani communities.  I will never forget this experience, and it is now my point-of-reference for the evil of which people are capable.   I have written quite a bit on Kosovo.  The ERRC documentation was published immediately, and is on the left button below.    The central button is a short piece I wrote for the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in 2001.   My most comprehensive effort -- a follow-up on the unsuccessful efforts to justice -- was an article in the German Law Review in 2007, called "Birth of a Nation" (right button below, and also available by clicking on the map).
European Roma Rights Centre: Roma Rights 2, 1999: Roma and the Kosovo Conflict
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: Kosovo's Little-Known Victims: The Fate of the Roma Following the Entry of NATO Troops (2001)
Birth of a Nation: Kosovo and the Persecution of Pariah Minorities (2007)