Vijay Kumar Nagaraj
Our dear friend -- and Hani's Godfather -- Vijay Kumar Nagaraj died in an automobile accident on 25 August 2017.   Oxford University's Journal of Human Rights Practice, with which Vijay was affiliated, has gathered the reflections of some of his friends on the life, thought and passions of this remarkable person.     

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Vijay Kumar Nagaraj—A Life in Human
The Maximum King of Yugoslav Romani Pop
I wrote this essay about the late Saban Bajramovic (he was still alive when I wrote it).    It explores the relationship between his music and the popularized Balkan sounds of the 1990s of people such as Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovic.    The essay followed an actual visit to see Saban at his home in Nis, Serbia, with the late Refika Mustafic, Dragan Ristic and Martin Demirovski.   Unforgettable.   The essay appeared in serial form on the Amala music website.
Saban: Maximum King
Amala Website: Saban
Letter to the Editor of the Economist:
Nicolae Gheorghe Obituary
Nicolae Gheorghe, one of the truly remarkable people of post-Communism, died on 8 August 2013.  The Economist published an obituary:   
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The fact that they honored the life of Nicolae is excellent, but I did not like the obituary, which relied on stereotypes and also seemed to suggest that his life’s work was a failure.   An unusual approach for an obituary.     My letter to the obits editor is below, long and short versions.    Economist published the short version.
Full Version
Short Version